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Thank you for considering volunteering your support and time to our inventor membership nationwide through the United Inventors Association, (UIA) a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

We would ask of you to help with the following tasks throughout the year:

  • Join a committee to help accomplish various initiatives.
  • Participate in or startup a local inventors group in your area
  • Help coordinate and participate with various activities and speaking venues at our national trade shows.
  • Inform our board members of any stories, articles, activity related to the inventor community that we can share with our inventor members.
  • Promote our mission and help to find sponsors and partnerships to continue to add value to our association.

Supporting the UIA and inventors has it’s benefits!

You’ll have access to a group of mission-oriented, enthusiastic and energetic fellow inventors and prestigious board members and privileges, like VIP or guest access to national trade shows. Your name and level of success bringing your invention to market will be posted under our Inventor Ambassadors area of our website for you to be proud of. Speak your voice representing inventors just like you!


Meet Our Speakers

Rita Crompton
Rita Crompton

Inventor Lady and President and CEO of Archimedes’ Offspring

Rita Crompton is the Inventor Lady and President and CEO of Archimedes’ Offspring.  Rita has been working with Inventors for more than 15 years.  She thoroughly understands the inventing process and helps independent inventors to successfully tee up their product for licensing.  After years of seeing inventors deal with their most difficult challenge — the lack of funding — she and Ray Burrasca took on this challenge with determination and drive to give inventors a viable funding option.

Her company, Archimedes’ Offspring  (AOS), is the first and only NEW option for mentoring and funding ideas and inventions of the independent inventor. For once, inventors have the ability to get funding that is NOT a payback option and has nothing to do with his/her own credit! It is open to everyone and the potential of the “idea” gets evaluated, not the person behind the idea.  AOS uses a vetting process, which is initiated by a submission on the website, to determine which ideas qualify.  Moving these ideas and inventions from “mind to market” and helping inventors get from “here to there” is what AOS is all about.

George Burkhardt
George Burkhardt

VP for Alamo Inventors

 I grew up on my family’s farm near San Antonio, Texas and still live on the same farm where I raise cattle and hay.  I have a BS in math/physics, a MS in engineering science and a Texas Professional Engineering License (inactive). After receiving my BS degree, I was employed as a civilian mechanical engineer at Kelly AFB, San Antonio and joined the Army Reserves.  While employed by the Air Force (AF), I was a program manager in charge of an engineering non-destructive testing (NDT) lab responsible for development of NDT procedures, techniques and equipment for depot and field inspection of aircraft and jet engine structures for critical defects, as determined by structural engineers.  A few of the aircraft and associated engines I was responsible for are the C-17, C-5, T-38 and the AF Thunderbirds, including their engines. I retired from the AF after 32 years of employment.

     After retirement from the Air Force, I started developing, patenting and licensing products.  I have a small machine shop including a 3D printer where I fabricate invention prototypes and develop required CAD drawings.  Over the years while regularly attending local inventor group meetings, I learned and pursued the patent process including prosecuting patent applications with patent examiners and now have 8 US patents and 2 pending.  I have licensed several patented products, one of which was to Bosch Corp. where the tool won the 2014 Innovation Award and the People’s Choice Award at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

Jim DeBetta
Jim DeBetta


Jim is a world-renowned invention/product expert, award-winning business person, founder of multiple multi-million dollar companies, best-selling author, and a former Vice President for one of the Sharks from the hit reality show Shark Tank. His keen sales and marketing strategies and ability to build successful product based businesses has made him a highly influential and sought-after consultant and mentor. Jim has sold nearly a quarter of a billion dollars worth of products to the world’s leading retailers.

After a recent stint as an investor on the CNBC reality show Make Me A Millionaire Inventor and the creation of some of the most followed social media groups in the world of inventing, he continues to help thousands of people who aspire to achieve massive success through coaching, writing, podcasting, and speaking at live events. His enthusiastic and “real world” approach to business has allowed people to break free from the everyday restraints that hold so many hopeful entrepreneurs back!

Jesse Morgan
Jesse Morgan

Security Safety Expert

 Jesse P. Morgan Owner of, Morgan Manufacturing LLC. Professional Security Institute Inc. 1999 to Present  & Professional Security Inc. 2012 to Present. Mr. Morgan has been a Gun Manufacture for the past 20 years and sold his business to manufacture of prototypes and to help other Inventers.  Mr. Morgan is a professional and well respected business owner in the Lee County Area and surrounding counties. He has built his businesses, from ground up with a solid foundation.

Thomas Alva Edison Regional Science and Inventors Fairs. Judge

Edison Inventor Association of Fort Myers Florida 33901 President 2020 

Inventor of the Extractor Safety Tool

Author / A Safety & Survival Guide for Automobile Owners      1st Edition  

Mr. Morgan currently holds ten (8) licenses with the Dept. of Agriculture and several different certificates in NRA and Law Enforcement Firearm Training. Gun Manufacture for the past 15 years.

With our expertise, knowledge and professional team, we are the perfect candidates to teach, train and instruct others. 

Jesse P Morgan Owner of Morgan Manufacturing In 2005 I was returning home just after midnight from a security investigation case in Arcadia, Fl. A drunk driver crossed lanes and hit me head on. My Jeep Cherokee rolled and caught fire. I was upside down in my vehicle with my seatbelt stuck and the door and window jammed.  I was unable to reach my glove box or pockets to get a knife or any tools. Luckily for me, a family coming home from the Lee County Fair stopped, broke my window, cut my seatbelt and got me out. If it wasn’t for them, I would not be here today … those HEROES saved my life! This horrible experience, and knowledge of others who were not so lucky, gave me the inspiration to create my first Invention,   the EXTRACTOR!

Juli Shively
Juli Shively


Chief Operations Officer, Innovation World™, Juli Shively brings more than 25 years of customer support management, has a strong background in operations, sales support, entrepreneurship, event management, relationship building, quality assurance, process design and implementation, technical and curriculum writing.

Working more than 17 years with a STEAM-aligned, student invention program, she has been instrumental in the growth of the program, through recruitment, onboarding, and ongoing support of school districts and educators across the state of Ohio. As an extension of her work in the invention space, she loaned her expertise to the STEMIE Coalition’s National Invention Convention, helping to build and manage the Coalition’s affiliate relationships as well as managing their national event in 2018 at the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation.


Shively is Co-owner of Lula Belle Lane Productions, LLC., a curriculum company providing world-wide for use with children as young as 18 months and through high school. Prior to Lula Belle Lane, she owned and operated a Drama Kids franchise in Ohio from 2001 – 2008, managing all aspects of the organization. Juli is an active volunteer in her community, school district and with other efforts supporting STEAM education for young people.