Please join the United Inventors Association in welcoming our newest Corporate Sponsor, EDI IQ.  The company brings you Electronic Data Interchange for your E-commerce transaction processing. EDI IQ’s President, Larry McBride, explains what EDI means for you and shares his background with you. We think you’ll want to know about EDI IQ and what they can do for independent inventors.

First and foremost – we are excited to be a UIA sponsor and look forward to working with the inventor community. As a way of introduction, let’s briefly look at the following:

What is EDI?

It is the transfer of data from one computer system to another by standardized message formatting, without the need for human intervention. As you look to expand to new markets, you’ll find that some of your trading partners require Electronic Data Interchange for E-commerce transaction processing.


Why is it important to inventors, and is it important to all inventors?

EDI is the standardized electronic exchange of business documents such as Purchase Orders, Ship Notices and Invoices and is used extensively in a wide variety of industries including automotive, retail, healthcare, and consumer goods. EDI provides a fast, accurate and cost effective method for a buyer and a seller to exchange business documents and conclude the sale. Most, if not all, large retail and consumer goods organizations will require EDI of the inventor / entrepreneur as they bring their products to the marketplace. The benefit of fast, accurate, cost effective business document exchange accrues to both the ‘big box retailer’ and the inventor working with limited resources. Receive the Purchase Order, advise the buyer that the goods are shipped, send the invoice, and receive payment. Fast, Accurate and Effective for buyer and seller.


What does EDI IQ do for inventors?

We work with entrepreneurs and inventors to bring their EDI / Business Processes on-line with their new trading partners. When a trading partner requires EDI / E-Commerce Processing, we can assist you in meeting that challenge. We get it, resources are lean, and time is of the essence so we will work with you to bring you online to meet requirements and expand your trading partner horizons.

Through the services we offer, while critically recognizing the unique needs of each of our customers:

  • EDI Set Up & Testing
  • EDI Order Processing
  • 3PL Processing & Coordination
  • UPC/GS1 Set-up
  • Item Bar Code
  • GDSN – Global Data Synchronization
  • Vendor Portal Mgt.
  • Vendor Compliance
  • ERP Integration

We’ve been working with inventors for more than 20 years. Our experience with Information Systems and Supply Chain Systems includes: EDI development, implementation, maintenance and support. We understand the complete procurement and payables cycle, and have experience in the Consumer Goods, Retail, and Healthcare industries.

Again, we look forward to being part of the UIA inventor community and working with you. Thank you.

For more information about EDI IQ, visit