1. The UIA was founded by a few folks at the USPTO over 25 years ago.
  2. The UIA is a federally-registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
  3. Our mission is to Empower Inventors through Education, Access and Advocacy.
  4. The UIA is an Inventor Education Foundation dedicated to providing educational resources to the inventor community through seminars, blog postings, documents and other resources.
  5. The UIA works as an active encouragement to industry service providers to always conduct business with inventors in an ethical and honest way.
  6. The UIA keeps a finger on the pulse of legislation by constantly advising law makers on issues that affect the inventor community.
  7. The UIA Board of Directors is made up of professional inventors and industry leaders who donate their time and talents to give back to an industry they care deeply about.
  8. The UIA will provide direct answers to inventor questions.  Email admin@uiausa.org. We share questions received as an additional educational resource to inventors (but don’t worry, we never share your personal contact information).
  9. The UIA supports over 100 independent inventor clubs across America.
  10. But far more important than any of those wonderful things the UIA does – The UIA is YOU! The most important job the UIA has is to provide a voice to the inventor community. To represent the best interest of this community while fostering the innovation and invention that made America the greatest country on earth! – and we’re proud that you entrusted us with that job.