We get emails all the time from inventors talking about the help they need in their process.  We also get emails from inventors thanking the UIA for the information we provide and the resources we make available to untangle an otherwise very confusing course of action.

By far and away the greatest number of emails we receive are from inventors who tell us they wish they had this kind of information 20 years ago.  We obviously can’t do anything about 20 years ago, but we can do something about now. We can continue to help bring the industry together as a cohesive unit, a single group of people with the common focus of providing invention to America – just as our predecessors did.

Each year the UIA holds an internal planning meeting where members of our board and staff develop a path of action for the year. We set goals for educational accomplishments, inventor reach, corporate inventor programs, and the like.

We build this roadmap using data from you. We sent out a poll to our members asking a series of questions. From the responses, we were able to get real insight into how you felt, what you needed, and the direction you wanted the UIA to take on your behalf.  Here are some hightlights from the survey:

  • 34% of you attend an inventor club in your home town, while 25% of you didn’t know there were inventor clubs.
  • 84% of our members felt education was the greatest focus of the UIA mission, 87% the programs we build with industry, and  83% the advocacy we provide for our community.
  • When asked what the perception of the UIA role in the industry was 85% responded to try and help inventors succeed, while  42% said it was for us to evaluate products. (we clearly have some educational work to do there since we don’t in any way evaluate products)
  • 48% of you want the UIA membership to remain free, while only 52% would actually make a donation to help offset costs.

As you can see from this sample of the data, these polls provide us a valuable look at what you, the members want us to do and the direction you want us to lead the industry.

Our 2015 planning session will be held in January. Take a moment to become part of the process and let us know how you feel.  After all, it’s your industry, and the UIA represents your views.