Jeffrey Mangus

Writing and Copywriting Expert

Jeffrey is the author of 19 self-help, memoir, and autobiographical books, including global bestseller for world-renowned guitar virtuoso, Al Di Meola’s autobiography, Behind the Frets, The Untold Story of Virtuoso Al Di Meola (Blackstone), along with Open Innovation Director and President of the United States Inventor Association, Mr. Warren Tuttle and his Best-Selling self-help/memoir, Inventor Confidential the Honest Guide to Profitable Inventing (Harper Collins Leadership). Jeffrey has also published his own work for amputees worldwide with his bestselling book, AMPossible-Real-World Solutions for Amputees to Accomplish the Impossible (Rowman& Littlefield) (Highbridge Audio). Jeffrey has written for former NBC executive Anna Harmon’s bestselling memoir/self-help book, A Family’s Addiction (AHM Books). Jeffrey wrote former Homeland Security and Podcast star Keith Trippie with his bestselling and provocative book, The Forgotten American- A RICO against the U.S. Government. (KTP Press)

Jeffrey is also an award-winning Children’s book and magazine article writer for Wee one’s magazine with his picture book story, Mama Loves to Summer Dance, and articles for Wee one’s Magazine, Bolts from The Blue, and Crayons, Crayons, What the Heck is a Crayon?

Jeffrey has written for authors and top professionals around the globe with THE BIG-FIVE Publishers, Including:

Harper Collins, Blackstone, Harper Collins Leadership, Harper Collins Focus, Rowman & Littlefield, Audible, and Highbridge Audio.

Jeffrey’s focus is ghostwritten works in nonfiction categories and genres, including:

Sales/Business, Self Help, Inspirational, Motivational, Music, Celebrity Memoirs, Celebrity Autobiographies, Personal Tragedy, True Crime, Religious, and Children’s Picture Books.

Jeffrey lived in Los Angeles, California but now resides in West Virginia.

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