Where is the money to help with the various stages of inventing? Maneuvering through challenging times requires businesses to look at different ways of securing funds. Are there any funds that businesses can leverage besides friends, family, credit cards or bank loans? ABSOLUTELY!! 

Kedma Ough, MBA is one of today’s most respected authorities on small business alternative funding and has advised more than 10,000 entrepreneurs and inventors to date.  As VP of Business Coaching of CONQUER®, Ough works tirelessly to support small businesses nationally. Previously, Ough was the Statewide Innovation Director for the Oregon Small Business Development Centers, an extension of the Small Business Administration. Ough is a recipient of the SBA Small Business Champion of the Year Award and the author of Target Funding ®, a navigation system to identify targeted grants and funds for entrepreneurs and inventors. Ough is a proud fifth-generation entrepreneur and her great-great grandfather peddled various products throughout Ireland.  

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