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George Peters

Invent New England

Haverhill, MA
772 Inventors and Service Providers

Meet with other inventors and would-be inventors to discuss topics and share experiences in developing products. Subjects of interest include determining whether a proposed pr…

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Pro Bono

Inventors and small businesses that meet certain financial thresholds and other criteria may be eligible for free legal assistance in preparing and filing a patent application. The Patent Pro Bono Program is a nationwide network of independently operated regional programs that match volunteer patent professionals with financially under-resourced inventors and small businesses for the purpose of securing patent protection. 

USPTO New England Pro Bono Program: Patent Pro Bono Program of New England


SCORE’s mission is to foster vibrant small business communities through mentoring and education. SCORE represents the nation’s largest network of volunteer, expert business mentors.

10 Causeway Street
Boston, MA, 02222

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