Here’s a brief update on what is happening currently with the latest “patent reform” efforts in Washington DC.

In late Spring, the Senate Judiciary committee voted to advance legislation, favored only by the tech and consumer electronics industries, that the UIA feels would be very harmful to independent inventors.

This legislation contains some never seen before language, promoting for the first time ever a “loser pays” system for patent infringement legal cases, additionally leaning the assets of any IP investors even if the were not party to the infringement law suit, and adding stay provisions that would make it very difficult for a patent holder to determine exactly who in the product supply chain is infringing their IP.

The UIA supported the STRONG Patent Act sponsored by Delaware Senator Chris Coons. Unfortunately, this legislation was not advanced.

The good news is that a similarly onerous bill on the House of Representatives side, HR9, was shut down over the summer before a formal vote, as many objective observers felt it was similarly flawed. The big question is whether this HR9 Bill will be resurrected in the Fall. Stay tuned for more information as we gather it and please reach out to your elected officials to tell them how you as independent inventors feel about this harmful legislation.

Visit our friends at Save the Inventor for more information on current proposed legislation and how to get involved.