Any topic you might be interested in now has a podcast, including you, inventors!  The Inventors Launchpad Network is where inventors can tune in to find a wide range of inventor-specific podcasts covering patents, licensing, product launching and manufacturing, and other topics that help inventors looking to take a product to market.

The Inventors Launchpad Network also has special segments, including the Tuttle Innovation Podcasts – co-hosted by UIA Board Members Warren Tuttle and Carmine Denisco, where industry subject matter experts share stories and insights to educate inventors. We’ve compiled a list of notable guests (including many UIA Board Members) and their episodes for you here (click link to go to the episode):  

Branding Your Product featuring Andrea Pass, Public Relations Expert

How Licensing Experts Find New Products to Put in Stores featuring Michael Miller, Director of Product Partnerships NCH Corporation

Inventor Funding Help featuring Dara Trujillo, CMO, SLC Group Holdings

USPTO Talks Protecting Your Invention featuring Laura Peter, Deputy Under Secretary, United States Patent and Trademark Office

USPTO Pro Bono Patent Services featuring Morris Newman, Executive Director, Patent Pro Bono Advisory Council

If you’re looking for a a great podcast channel covering all things invention, be sure to check out the Inventors Launchpad Network.