United Inventors Association has teamed up with Innovation World and its Alliance Members to support and inspire youth innovation around the globe. Join us in inspiring creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship in K-12 and beyond!

Young Innovators Expert: Juli Shively

Our subject matter expert in the Young Innovators space is Juli Shively. Juli is COO of Innovation World, and has has spent 18+ years in the student innovation space.

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Global Innovation Field Trip

The world is changing and education must change with it. The Global Innovation Field Trip is The GIFT that will enable you to do that. Join us for the next on-line, 24-hour, multi-country collaboration, celebrating young innovators and those who educate, inspire and sponsor innovation.

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Young Innovator Contests & Challenges

  • The US National Inventor Challenge (NIC) celebrates the innovative accomplishments of K-12 students across the United States. Top innovators from the National Innovators Challenge have the opportunity to advance to the Global Innovation Challenge held September 25 and October 2, 2021.

  • The Independent Innovator Challenge (IIC) is an annual, K-12, innovation competition that promotes and celebrates youth innovation in the United States.

  • CRAFT 2021 CRAFT 2021 – The Design Thinking Hackathon is an opportunity for passionate cross-divisional K-12 teams to participate in a global design thinking challenge, organized by the TIDE (Technology, Innovation, Design & Entrepreneurship) team at the International School Hannover Region.