Susan Braden

Judge Susan G. Braden was appointed in 2003, by President George W. Bush, to the United States Court of Federal Claims which has exclusive jurisdiction over cases against the federal government arising from: breach of contract/false claims; bid protest; patent and copyright infringement; land, water, and certain environmental and federal tax refund disputes. In March 2017, she was designated as Chief Judge. Since her retirement from the federal bench in April 2019, she has been appointed as a Public Member of the Administrative Conference of the United States, a Fellow of the American Bar Association; and to the J. W. Fulbright Board. In June 2020, she was appointed by the USTR to serve as one of ten arbitrators who will represent the U.S. in disputes arising under the United States-Mexico-Canada trade agreement. In November 2020, she was appointed by the Secretary of Commerce to the USPTO Patent Public Advisory Committee. In addition, Judge Braden serves of the Board of Directors of privately-held companies in the software, artificial intelligence, and construction industries and is a member of the American Arbitration Association’s M&A, IP/Technology, and Large Complex Commercial Panels. In the winter of 2021, Judge Braden will join the Antonin Scalia School of Law (George Mason University) as an Adjunct Professor in the Center For The Protection of Intellectual Property.