Inventor Coaching

Inventor Coaches Jim DeBetta, David Fedewa and Brian Fried share lessons learned in their role as coaches in the product development process.

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Meet the Speakers:

Jim DeBetta is a world-renowned invention/product expert, award-winning business person, founder of multiple multi-million dollar companies, best-selling author, and a former Vice President for one of the Sharks from the hit reality show Shark Tank. His keen sales and marketing strategies and ability to build successful product based businesses has made him a highly influential and sought-after consultant and mentor. Jim has sold nearly a quarter of a billion dollars’ worth of products to the world’s leading retailers.

After a recent stint as an investor on the CNBC reality show Make Me A Millionaire Inventor and the creation of some of the most followed social media groups in the world of inventing, he continues to help thousands of people who aspire to achieve massive success through coaching, writing, podcasting, and speaking at live events. His enthusiastic and “real world” approach to business has allowed people to break free from the everyday restraints that hold so many hopeful entrepreneurs back!



David Fedewa, negotiations coach and licensing specialist, has coached over 160 Inventors to successfully license their own products. He has been featured in Inc. and Entrepreneur’s online publications on licensing and negotiation strategy. He has licensed five of his own products, with one being featured on Time, CHIVE, Business Insider and CNET Father’s Day Product of The Year list. His strengths lie where business and psychology meet. While coaching students through multi-million dollar negotiations, he not only looks at the present deal at hand but teaches strategies that can be used in constructing deals with a win-win scenario throughout life



Inventor Brian Fried is an author, radio host and consultant with many successful inventions reaching mass retail markets. He is the author of Inventing Secrets Revealed, You & Your Big Ideas and Invention Playbook for Inventors with Big Ideas. He has been featured in respected media outlets including the New York Times; Inc. Magazine; Newsday; Inventors Digest; CBS News; the Food Network; and WPIX11.

Brian’s inventions are currently marketed through As Seen On TV, home shopping channels, catalogs and online retailers through licensing and manufacturing agreements. As the host of Got Invention Radio, he has interviewed over 150 high profile guests, including Lori Greiner of ABC’s Shark Tank and representatives from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. He is the Founder and President of Long Island Inventors & Entrepreneurs Club representing Nassau and Suffolk counties through the SBDC (Small Business Development Center), a division of the SBA (Small Business Administration).Brian Fried has served as a trusted mentor to inventors including celebrities for over 15 years. Through his Inventor Smart consultancy, he offers one-on-one support at all stages of the invention process. Brian provides feedback, product development, licensing representation and turnkey solutions to make invention ideas a reality. He is considered an authority and advocate for inventors within the invention community, and he is invited as a guest speaker on innovation and invention topics at major trade shows, government agencies, schools and libraries across the nation. He recently received the Innovator of the Year Award on Long Island and several Proclamations for his contribution to the encouragement of innovation in the region from the County Executive.