Inside Make48

Make48 CEO Tom Gray and YouTube star and Season 4 Make48 Host Jimmy DiResta share insight into Make48 competitions where teams collaborate to invent a new product (from conception through physical prototype) within 48 hours. It is a valuable resource for anyone and everyone looking to understand the inventing process and innovation challenges faced along the way.





Thursday, Sept. 24, 2020
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Meet the Panel:

Tom Gray: CEO and Co-creator of Make48:

Make 48 is a 48-hour competition where teams must build a prototype based on a challenge, but have the added help of tool technicians and a Makerspace to make their ideas a reality. Make48 is in its 4th Season, nationwide on PBS.

Tom grew up in New Zealand and started licensing inventions from inventors at a young age in Australia, supplying 7 products to Bunnings Australia. He moved to the US in 2008 and continued to license products for his own brands supplying retailers such as Sherwin Williams, QVC, Walmart and many smaller format stores. Tom continues to guide Inventors and Makers with connections to his vast network he created over the years.




Jimmy DiResta: Designer and Master Maker

Jimmy is known for his ability to fabricate in an impressive array of materials. He’s starred on a number of cable shows, including Hammered with John & Jimmy DiResta (HGTV), Trash to Cash (FX Network), and Dirty Money (Discovery). Jimmy’s currently a well-known maker star on YouTube where he creates regular videos for his DiResta channel and other well-known brands. You can follow all of Diresta’s builds on his YouTube channel and join his social networks and engage with like-mind group of makers from all over the world. Keep up-to-date with Jimmy’s latest projects, builds, and all of the daily “goings on” around the shop.