When it comes to inventing Marcy has two passions:
1. How to Generate Publicity
Women Inventors

HSN host, Marcy McKenna, has two passions. One is female inventors, the second is how we can help grow the success rate of inventions/products–she firmly believes that a major reason so few products/inventions ever make any money is because as inventors we spend 90% of our time and energy on the invention itself–and very little, if any, time and energy on getting it out there and building awareness for our product–and this true whether you’re planning to license your product or manufacture it yourself. Be sure to catch this show to learn what she does to make all the difference between success and failure.

Thursday, February 4, 2020 at 2 PM ET (11 A.M. PT)
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Meet our guest

Marcy McKenna is an Award-Winning Inventor & Entrepreneur

Marcy was born into a family of inventors and knew since childhood that inventing was her calling. But it wasn’t until 2010, when she became the winner of Kelly Ripa’s invention reality show, “Homemade Millionaire” and then Edison Nation’s “As Seen on TV” Product Search,” that she decided to make a career out of inventing. Today, she’s successfully developed, licensed, and launched over 30 products via home shopping, e-commerce, and big-box retail. Her products have been sold everywhere from HSN and QVC to Lowes, Bed Bath & Beyond, Sharper Image, and The Container Store–and have been featured in publications such as Better Homes & Gardens, InStyle Magazine, People, Inc. and Harper’s Bazaar, as well as on Fox Business and morning & afternoon talk shows. She recently partnered with the home shopping powerhouse, HSN, to develop and launch an exclusive line of signature products—Home & Travel Essentials by Marcy McKenna.

She’s also in the midst of becoming an international brand with her own show on Canada’s TSC Home Shopping Channel—scheduled to make its debut in April 2021. Having achieved much success in the inventing world, Marcy is now very excited to be working with The UIA as an Ambassador as she begins to embark on a passion project to inspire educate and empower more females to follow their dreams of bringing their product ideas to life. To that end, she’s published several entrepreneurial & invention-related articles and has been a contributor to online invention sites, as well as a featured Guest on several morning shows, webinars, national radio shows & podcasts. To learn more about Marcy’s journey, her passion project and her products, please visit Marcy’s website, MarcyMcKenna.com and follow her on social media using the following links: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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