Inventor Clubs are a great resource for inventors and entrepreneurs

This week’s episode features two seasoned inventor club leaders who will share with you the value of participating in an inventor club. Find out what happens at a meeting, learn about special events some clubs offer and better understand one of the most important components that clubs offer – the ability to personally experience the power of connecting with like-minded people. They work very hard to bring in experts in their perspective fields to teach inventors how to make the best use of their resources. These groups are an important asset for inventors who want to learn how to make educated business decisions as they develop their ideas.

To find out if there is a club near you – head to our home page. Just click on the map and it will take you to the page where each state can be clicked on to see if there is one near you. Be sure to check out other clubs. Many of them have great resources you can use to further your knowledge about how successful inventors develop marketable products.

Thursday, February 11, 2020 at 2 PM ET (11 A.M. PT)
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Meet our guests

Adrian Pelkus: South Carolina Inventors Forum

Adrian Pelkus is a multiple award-winning new product developer with 40 years’ experience creating over 300 different electronic products, medical and high technology processes for other inventors as well as his own ideas. As Founder, CEO, COO and CTO Mr. Pelkus has helped startup several technology companies including his own – California Product Developers. Adrian is named inventor on seventeen issued U.S. Patents including the “Baby Think it Over” infant simulator, a “Thin Film Flexible Solar Cell”, the FDA cleared “Jaw Elevation Device” and O2MislyTM Wound Treatment System.

In 2005 Mr. Pelkus reorganized the San Diego Inventors Forum, now a 501c3 non-profit organization, to help startup entrepreneurs. A past Entrepreneur in Residence at CONNECT and member of the national IGA (Inventors Groups of America). Mr. Pelkus served on the BOD’s of both United Inventors Association and US Inventor, organizations dedicated to assisting and educating inventors about their rights.

In 2020 Adrian Pelkus established the 501c3 South Carolina Inventors Forum to assist innovators and inventors and all creative folks with protecting, developing and commercializing their intellectual property through motivation, education, mentoring, and a network of local service providers and national networking opportunities.

Adrian currently lives in Lexington SC and works as an Artificer as well as advises and mentors inventors as the founder of Inventing with Adrian, LLC.

George Peters: Inventors Association of New England (IANE)

As an independent inventor over the last two decades, Mr. Peters has experienced many of the joys and disappointments developing ideas into new products. Mr. Peters has been a guest speaker at many events around the country. Addressing a wide variety of subjects; Product licensing, supply chain management, introducing a new product to buyers and marketing a disruptive product to name just a few. Mr. Peters has created safety and consumer’s products, taking them to market on the most difficult road, that of an independent inventor.

Most recently Mr. Peters and fellow inventor and KettlePizza co-founder Al Contarino were honored to represent Massachusetts as a Made in America product at the White House in June 2019. KettlePizza turns charcoal and gas grills into backyard pizza ovens. KettlePizza products have been sold to people in more than seventy countries. Raytheon, GE, Bristol-Myers Squib, and Fidelity Investments were some of the many companies to use Mr. Peters WHAT NOW??? Evacuation Training Aid. WHAT NOW??? replicates the appearance of a working fire that blocks primary exits during evacuation drills so building occupants could practice locating alternative escape routes.

A topic Mr. Peters likes to address during his presentations is the effect that becoming an inventor can have on a family. Quite often, becoming an inventor brings many new challenges that sometimes create a stressful period for a family.

Highlighting Mr. Peters career includes being a guest speaker in 2008 and 2010 at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Independent Inventor’s Conference “Spark of Genius” and as a four-time presenter at Babson College Entrepreneurship program.

Meet our host

Matt Nuccio: President of Design Edge Inc

Matt Nuccio is the president of Design Edge Inc, a toy and game development, marketing, manufacturing, inventing and consulting agency. They are headquartered in New York with two satellite offices in China. For over 30 years, Design Edge has been a leading development agency in the toys and games industry. For 4 years Matt co-chaired the Toy Association (TA) associate panel, representing all designers and inventors in the toy industry. Currently, Matt sits on the board of executive board of the United Inventors Association of America (UIA), the Toy Association education advisory board and on the People of Play (POP, formerly the Chicago Toy and Game Group) advisory board. Matt also writes a column in Toy Family Entertainment magazine focusing on the toy industry and often lectures at New York Toy Fair, ASTRA, Chicago Toy & Game Fair, and Hong Kong Toy Fair and various inventor clubs around the world including the 2019 Emerging Innovation Summit in Melbourne Australia. Design Edge’s products have been nominated for, and have also won, many industry awards such as TOTY (Toy Of The Year), TAGIE (Toy and Games Innovators), Games 100, Origin, and Family Fun among others. In 2019, Matt was honored by the National Security Agency (NSA) as an American Innovator and was recently listed for the second year in a row, by Mojo Nation, as one of the top 100 most influential people in the toy industry today.

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