Rita Crompton

Licensing Expert

Rita Crompton is the Inventor Lady and President and CEO of Archimedes’ Offspring. Rita has been working with Inventors for more than 15 years. She thoroughly understands the inventing process and helps independent inventors to successfully tee up their product for licensing. After years of seeing inventors deal with their most difficult challenge — the lack of funding — she and Ray Burrasca took on this challenge with determination and drive to give inventors a viable funding option.

Her company, Archimedes’ Offspring (AOS), is the first and only NEW option for mentoring and funding ideas and inventions of the independent inventor. For once, inventors have the ability to get funding that is NOT a payback option and has nothing to do with his/her own credit! It is open to everyone and the potential of the “idea” gets evaluated, not the person behind the idea. AOS uses a vetting process, which is initiated by a submission on the website, to determine which ideas qualify. Moving these ideas and inventions from “mind to market” and helping inventors get from “here to there” is what AOS is all about.

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