UIA Advisory Board

The new UIA Advisory Board members will have individual tasks and responsibilities associated with assisting the UIA Executive Team in achieving their 2022 goals. Each new member will be assigned a task to lead the group ensuring the UIA hits their goal of 100,000 memberships by year end while obtaining new sponsorships to help fund the 2022 initiatives.

Joy Mangano

Joy’s amazing story came to life on the big screen in the movie “Joy”. The film was nominated for numerous awards and won the Best Actress Golden Globe for Jennifer Lawrence’s portrayal of Joy. 

In real life, as in the movie, Joy Mangano is an American inventor and entrepreneur best known for inventions such as the self-wringing Miracle Mop. Soon after Joy began appearing on QVC in 1992, she joined the Home Shopping Network. Joy is HSN’s most successful purveyor, with annual sales of more than $150 million and hourly sales regularly topping $1 million. 

A HSN executive wrote that Joy’s success is due to her ability to convey her passion, excitement, and pride with her viewers. Joy agrees, saying that while selling on television is an opportunity to reach millions of people, success requires genuine enthusiasm to reach people who can’t touch or try the product. 

Joy is now hosting the first-of-its-kind, live and shoppable competition series “America’s BIG Deal” featured on the USA Network, a must watch!

Kathryn Emery

Kathryn Emery is a vivacious 20-year home improvement & lifestyle expert, TV host, on-stage presenter, spokeswoman, and content strategist who exudes knowledge, confidence, and energy. Kathryn is passionate and excited about sustainability and innovations for the home that make life easier and more enjoyable. 

Kathryn started her career as a magazine editor learning early on what it takes to tell a great story. In 2001, she established her career in home improvement at the Home Depot, where she guided product story telling in the PR department, appearing on TV and training hundreds of associates nationwide to do the same. 

As the go to home improvement & lifestyle personality, Kathryn is often quoted in USA Today, Yahoo! News, Consumer Reports, HGTV Magazine, Martha Stewart Living, Tribune Syndicate and more. Kathryn has been nationally featured on Good Morning America, and CBS’ The Doctors.

Kathryn is the official spokesperson for the National Hardware Show, presenting on stage, hosting panels, and being the “on the street” reporter for the show.

Kathryn is a working mother who brings her confident son on TV with her to talk about home products. They make quite the duo and like to make people laugh. Kathryn has an engaged following where she shares her home tips/products on her social media channels.

Lerin Lockwood

The inventor of the Lion Latch Jewelry Tote, Lerin, based in Burnet, Texas, has been featured on “Good Morning America” and “The View.” A high school art teacher & multi-sport coach, Lerin often needs to safely store her wedding ring and other jewelry. Lerin says, “When I’m teaching art, working with clay or throwing on the pottery wheel, I don’t want my rings to dent or scrape my hard work, nor do I want to spend the next hour cleaning clay out of every crevice of my rings. When I’m in the weight room, on the field or on the courts, I have to take my rings off to avoid scratching or bending them.”

After losing a stone from her engagement ring, Lerin tried her purse, wallet, and even her necklace – but nothing worked. She needed a protective, convenient & consistent place to store her jewelry that wouldn’t come unscrewed or unzipped like all other products on the market. Deciding she had to do something herself, Lerin became an inventor, and the Lion Latch Jewelry Tote was born.


Amy Jo Brogan-Wagner

Amy Jo Brogan-Wagner has always had the desire to be a successful career woman. Beginning her career in the entertainment industry as young as age 13, she became a model and actress. By age 15 she earned her SAG card (Screen Actors Guild) by booking a Barbie commercial for Mattel, and by 16 she graduated early so she could work as an adult on set. In this space, these experiences helped her to learn early in life how business is conducted and what contracts are all about, along with many other lessons working in a creative field.

When she hit her early 20’s she wanted to get more involved in business practices focused on sales and marketing. This is when inventing fell into her lap, literally!

Through all the hustle, Amy Jo always had her coffee on-the-go and would spill it either in her truck or on herself almost everyday! She decided to create a spill-resistant coffee tumbler lid that she wanted to bring to market but had absolutely NO CLUE how to do so. After a lot of research and talks with manufacturers, she discovered the path of licensing.

For over ten years, Amy Jo has had the goal to be a credible, helpful leader and resource for those in the Product Licensing industry. Up to date, she has licensed two products of her own, one in the kitchenware industry and the other in the beauty industry.

She has also been working as a Senior Coach for over seven years, helping hundreds of independent inventors learn how to execute the process of licensing successfully. You may know her from her former YouTube channel, Straight 2 Licensing with Amy Jo. You can now find her on her new channel, Products2Market with Amy Jo!

Amy Jo believes you always need to tackle your dreams. Whenever you feel like you have failed, you should view it as an opportunity to learn, to grow, to succeed!


Mike Watts

Mike Watts is an experienced entrepreneur who has 6 startup companies under his belt, including founding three consecutive multi-million dollar companies in the last 10 years. Mike has successful exits from three companies including one for over $6 million and he even struck a deal with Daymond John from Shark Tank. Mike currently serves as CEO of LoveHandle, a fast-growing American manufacturer of patented custom smartphone grips and accessories where he leads a team of 35 full-time employees proudly manufacturing exclusively in the USA.

Mike is a regular keynote speaker for entrepreneur and inventor groups as well a guest professor at Texas A&M University’s entrepreneur program in College Station. Mike is a 3-time winner of the Aggie 100 Award for fastest growing companies and has been listed on the Fortune 5000 multiple times.

Judy Edwards

Judy Edwards along with son Bobby and husband Bill are the designers and creators of Squatty Potty® toilet stools. 

Judy, invented the Squatty Potty at the “early age” of 60 after a lifetime of colon issues. Judy was seeking a natural and inexpensive solution that would help correct and heal the problems she was experiencing. That’s when she came up with the Squatty Potty. Squatty Potty is designed to work with any toilet. It’s comfortable, ergonomic, easy to use, attractive and affordable.

Nisha Sawhney

Nisha Sawhney, the founder of SnS Design, Inc, specializes in supporting businesses, entrepreneurs and manufacturers with ideas that revolutionize industry. 

Utilizing holistic innovative product design solutions, Nisha has proven successes with clients throughout the world, including in the US, UK, Switzerland, Japan, Israel, India, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Hong Kong and China. Specializing in a wide range of products from baby cribs to electric car charging stations to medical devices.  Nisha worked as both the product designer and project manager for global consumer product companies Haier, LG, Whirlpool, Westinghouse, Amana, Amcor, Edi-Baur, Rosco, LiFeng, Temptu, Zipz wine (Biggest Deal in Shark Tank History) and many more.

Nisha’s expertise includes services from A to Z – research, conceptual design, invention, product development, engineering, prototype, patent related support, branding, packaging, graphics, point of purchase, 3d Renderings, pre-sale presentation, mechanical design and engineering, manufacturing, and retail placement.

A valedictorian earning a Master’s Degree in industrial design and a Bachelor’s degree in architecture, Nisha has served as a juror and speaker for a decade at The International Consumer Electronics Show.

Nisha volunteers assisting MAKE48 inventors, has taught MBA students at NYU, high school students at Teen Design Fair and underprivileged female youth.

Featured in FORBES magazine as “The Woman Who Could Design Anything, And Did”, Nisha has been awarded utility and design patents for consumer products. 

Rick Hopper

If you have ever crossed paths with Rick, you may know how much fun he has and how much he loves to share it with everyone around him. He is a one-of-a-kind entrepreneur, inventor, motivator, husband, father, and friend. Tired of constantly dropping, scratching and losing your expensive glasses? With Rick’s innovative Readerest® you easily attach your eyewear to any article of clothing and your glasses will be with you at all times.

All you have to do is place the plastic back-plate on the inside of your clothing and the front clip to the outside and the magnets will automatically attach and self-center. No pins are used! Readerest reading glasses are loaded with technology to provide the ultimate protection and comfort for your eyes. Whether you’re looking for readers to use daily or on specific occasions you can rely on Readerest glasses to give you premium protection and functionality.

Sean Murphy

Sean is a graduate of the esteemed McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas, Austin. He is a true believer in capitalism and the American dream. For the past 34 years, Sean has thrived within the financial industry and has spoken coast to coast to well over 200,000 people. 

He has been voted a 5 Star Wealth Manager and is in the final stages of completing his book – Success Doesn’t Care How You Feel!

Sean served for 4 years as the CEO of the Inventors Center of Kansas City widely regarded as one of the nation’s most successful inventor organizations assisting inventors and entrepreneurs in bringing their products successfully to market.

Sean was one of the principals involved in creating and launching the invention-based TV program Make48, currently in its 5th season on PBS. Sean served as both a MC and a presentation coach for contestants on the show.

Sean is a mentor at the University of Missouri Kansas City Bloch School of Business E-Scholars program. Students in the program are challenged to create an actual business within 9 months that can scale to $5 Million in 5 years. As a mentor, Sean’s specialties include sales training, time management and communication.

David E. Consigli

David is a member of the Advisory Board and has recently been appointed the UIA’s treasurer. With over 34 years of experience, David’s skills and expertise are highly sought-after by a wide range of clients. David is a member of the AICPA Business Valuation Committee and a Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council Board Member.

He is credentialed with the Accreditation in Business Valuation (ABV) awarded by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and has been admitted as an expert in the United States Federal Court, Massachusetts Superior Court and Massachusetts Family and Probate Courts.

Jon Kestenbaum

Jon is a lawyer by education and entrepreneur by trade.  He is extremely passionate about pioneering initiatives that will change the way we live. He spent his career focusing on people, process, and technology — the ingredients that he truly believes are fundamental to building a successful business. 

Chris Krimitsos

Has cemented his place in emerging technologies, as evidenced by his success with a global podcasting event that set back-to-back world records and a first of its kind blockchain event. Time and again Chris has solidified his reputation as a thought leader, whether as a speaker, an event organizer, or in the media. Along the way, his name twice became etched in the Guinness World Records™ as he championed the largest attendance for a virtual podcasting conference in one week, first in 2020, and then breaking it with a new mark one year later. Always an early adopter, Chris became immersed in crypto before the mass population heard of it or understood it. Thus, known for bringing people together, he birthed the Florida Bitcoin and Blockchain Summit in 2021, the first event of its kind in the state. It’s common to find Chris at the leading edge of the next big technology wave. As a result, he has become a go-to for keynotes, interviews, and forecasts. Chris has successfully grown Podfest™ Multimedia Expo to an international conference with upwards of three thousand registrants from what started as a meetup at a local café in 2013. Content creators have benefited from his knack for community building as they build relationships AND their podcasts and YouTube channels through the platforms he has provided. These experiences, whether in-person or virtual, are built from the foundation of Chris having created more than 2,000 live events in his professional career. As a trend setter, Chris identified podcasting’s popularity and responded with a 2017 documentary about the evolving medium. The film has been placed on YouTube for global distribution, after Page 1 of 3 having initially been released on Amazon, where Chris also had a book (“Start Ugly”) hit #1 in Business Leadership and HR. Specializing in emerging technologies, from blockchain to NFTs to cryptocurrency, podcasting, and on-demand audio, Chris is a leading go-to innovator who continues to give a voice to the global creator community

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