Board Of Directors

Our Board Members serve to advise, govern, oversee policy and direction, and assist with the leadership and general promotion of the UIA in support of our mission and needs.

Carmine Denisco

Carmine Denisco is a successful Entrepreneur, Inventor, Author, Podcaster, Investor, Patent and Trademark Holder. He has designed, developed and manufactured many products sold in retail stores, TV shopping channels, online and infomercials some have gone on to be licensed by major chain stores.

Denisco is dedicated to helping inventors correctly navigate the invention and manufacturing process, giving each inventor their best shot at success.

EarMark Sourcing is a privately held product development and manufacturing company with one of the largest and fastest growing inventor networks in the world. As leaders in the industry, it is our goal to disrupt the invention industry by re-imaging the development process into the fastest and most cost effective way to monetize an invention.

EarMark has consulted with, designed, developed, marketed or manufactured a large number of consumer products in every major category to be sold in retailers around the world. Along with manufacturing in the US, China, Central and South America.

Chris Guerrera

Mr. Guerrera is an accomplished executive with over 35 years experience as a Mechanical Engineer who is a Lean 6 Sigma Manufacturing expert that has successfully led multiple teams through new Product Launch and is known as the “King of Manufacturing.”

Mr. Guerrera has enjoyed National Media exposure recently featured on the Shark Tank Season 12 Finale. He is the host of a weekly podcast “Made in America” and is the Vice President of the United Inventors Association. He has been featured on Good Morning America Shark Tank and was the Emcee of the Shark Tank panel for the MAKE48 competition hosted by the Smithsonian Lemelson Center in Washington DC. His “Made in America” manufacturing plant is Walmart Certified and his products are displayed alongside such household name products as Scrub Daddy®, Squatty Potty®, Paint Brush Cover®, Drop Stop®, and ReadeRest®, all products that have achieved mass distribution & sales after their appearance on the reality TV series ‘Shark Tank.

Mr. Guerrera was instrumental in the BMW start-up and success in the United States where he managed the interior group for the BMW Z3 and X5. He was awarded the JD Powers and Associates best in class Quality Award from BMW. He was responsible for the Greenville Operation generating 180 million in revenue using World Class Just-In-Time Lean techniques.

Mr. Guerrera was an integral part of the 1/8 turn fuel system design for Ford Motor Company and listed on the patent as the Chief Design Engineer. He spent three years developing the on-board fuel vapor recovery system for the Ford Taurus vehicle that was first in its class to have such a sophisticated fuel system design that revolutionized the industry.

Mr. Guerrera holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of New Hampshire in Mechanical Engineering and is a Lean 6 Sigma Master Black Belt. He is certified in the Toyota Production System and the BMW VDA Production System. He served on the Executive Supplier Counsel for BMW, Ford Motor Company and Toyota Motor Company.

Charles Sauer

Charles Sauer is the President of the Market Institute, and the author of Profit Motive: What Drives the Things We Do. He represents small inventors on Capitol Hill and holds numerous pro-inventor events on Capitol Hill and around the country. He is a frequent contributor to the Washington Examiner, and writes for Forbes, Investor’s Business Daily, Fox News,, The Washington Times, The Daily Caller, and numerous other publications. Additionally, Charles Sauer appears weekly on One America News and is a frequent guest on the Thom Hartmann Radio Show – the #9 ranked radio show.

Charles has spent time on Capitol Hill working for the Chairman of the Finance Committee; he has worked for a Governor on tax, immigration, and labor issues; and was Deputy Legislative Director for an academic think tank focusing on tax, finance, and healthcare. On the Hill he is known for developing free market solutions and effective legislative coalitions.

  • Author, Speaker, Columnist, Economist and Public Policy Specialist
  • Founder and President of The Market Institute
  • Author of Profit Motive – a best-selling microeconomic book
  • Co-Director Inventors Project, 13,000 person newsletter
  • Frequent National Media appearances
  • Author for expert congressional testimony
  • Speech writer for politicians, business owners and academics


Jim Patterson

Jim is a founding partner of the law firm Patterson Thuente IP, a full-service intellectual property boutique. His practice encompasses all aspects of intellectual property law, including patent prosecution, IP portfolio management and strategy development, licensing, dispute mediation, international IP protection and development of global market-protection strategies. Jim’s’ clients are leading companies, located around the globe, in a variety of industries, including medical device, defense, electronics, plastics and mechanical equipment.

During his 25 years as a patent lawyer, Jim has always enjoyed the challenge of patenting ideas that are twists on everyday products. He also gains tremendous satisfaction from providing access to justice for the disadvantaged and has partnered with other IP professionals and the USPTO to develop patent pro bono programs across the country.

Matt Nuccio

Matt Nuccio is the owner of Design Edge, a toy and game development, marketing, manufacturing, inventing and consulting agency. They are headquartered in New York with two satellite offices in China.

For over 30 years, Design Edge has been a leading development agency in the toys and games industry. For 4 years Matt co-chaired the Toy Industry Association (TIA) associate panel, representing all designers and inventors in the toy industry. Currently, Matt sits on the board of directors of the United Inventors Association of America (UIA) and on the Chicago Toy and Game Fair (ChiTAG) advisory board.

Matt also writes a column in Toy Family Entertainment magazine focusing on the toy industry and often lectures at New York Toy Fair, ASTRA, Chicago Toy & Game Fair, and Hong Kong Toy Fair. Our products have been nominated for, and have also won, many industry awards such as TOTY (Toy Of The Year), Games 100, Origin, and Family Fun to name a few.

Roy Morejon

As the Co-Founder and President of Enventys Partners, Roy Morejon is a distinguished authority in bringing innovative physical products to market. His firm has successfully launched over 3,800 products utilizing award-winning go-to-market strategies involving crowdfunding, e-commerce, digital marketing, and more.

Morejon’s expertise spans over thirty years in the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape. Consulting for tech titans like AOL and Microsoft at the dawn of the internet boom gave him unique insights that laid the foundation for his product launch mastery. Today, Morejon leverages this experience as an investor, advisor, and board member to startups worldwide.

As Chief Marketing Officer of ProductHype, Morejon oversees a platform that delivers the latest, cutting-edge products to hundreds of thousands of consumers. This role allows him to consistently identify emerging trends and innovative concepts poised for commercial success. His multifaceted experience makes him an unparalleled thought leader and sought-after keynote speaker on product launches worldwide.

Morejon further shares his entrepreneurial knowledge through the Art of the Kickstart podcast, the longest-running show dedicated to crowdfunding. Entrepreneurs tune in to gain strategic insights from Morejon and his network of product launch professionals at Enventys Partners. Their mastery of the space is unmatched. They have raised over $1 billion through Kickstarter crowdfunding and have seen over 40 clients appear on Shark Tank.

Beyond funding records, Morejon’s impact is measured by the lives and dreams he has helped entrepreneurs actualize through successful product launches. His vision for commercializing innovation on a global scale has positioned him as a pioneering figure propelling the next generation of startups and products forward.

Russ Williams

An entrepreneur at heart with close to 20 years of business experience, Russ co-founded Invention Home to help independent inventors to connect with manufacturers for the purpose of licensing inventions. To date, we have successfully licensed over 100 inventions to independent 3rd party companies and have amassed a network of over 3,500 manufacturers/product companies looking for innovative products.

We have also developed solid working relationships with patent attorneys, design firms, prototype companies and manufacturing sourcing companies.

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