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Dr Russ Barnes

Dr Russ Barnes

Dr Russ Barnes is the Founder and CEO of Systro Solutions. He teaches strategy development and organization design to small business owners in the pre-profitability stage of their business. He helps them to be intentional in their direction and purposeful in their actions to rapidly achieve their desired business outcomes. Russ has been a business owner for more than ten years. He is a number one best selling author of Small Business for Servicemembers: 15 Things You Need to Know to Be Purposefully Profitable. He is also the creator of The Purposefully Profitable Podcast. He holds an MBA and a PhD in Organization Development with a specific focus on Organization Design for Small Business. If you don't have any experience in running a business and are frustrated, overwhelmed, and anxious about making decisions, it's because you are not aware of how to think strategically about your business. Strategy gives you patience, directionality, purpose and intent. Russ has three standard presentations: Strategy Development for Small Business How to Organize Your Business for Profitable Growth CEO Skills for Small Business If you are tired of relying on the trial and error method of bringing your invention to market, you want to hear from Russ.


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